A unique chance to see Verbal Aikido in action


Luke Archer founder of Verbal Aikido

We are much more likely to be attacked verbally than physically. So for many years, I’d been looking for a verbal equivalent to Aikido. I discovered it just a few years ago.

Verbal Aikido has been developed from Aikido principles by the inimitable Luke Archer – and I’ve persuaded him to provide a very rare London class on Wednesday 1st September here in the Hampstead Aikido dojo.

Luke has adapted the principles of Aikido to the slings and arrows of everyday life, and I have to say that I find his approach brilliant.

Verbal Aikido enables you to face verbal attacks, including at work and at home, with calmness and focus. You discover new ways of responding while remaining positive and maintaining your self-esteem.

He also shows how you can face situations you might have backed away from in the past and come away smiling.

He lives and teaches in France so this is a once-only opportunity.

  • You will practise how to stay relaxed and cope with negativity, verbal attacks and divisiveness.
  • The approach is based on solid martial arts and communication tools.
  • You will learn immediately practical and usable techniques.

7.15 – 9.15 pm Wednesday 1st September in Hampstead, North London.

There’s a nominal fee of £10 for the two hours.

Places are necessarily limited, so booking is essential.

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Luke Archer is an Irish-born writer and trainer specializing in Verbal Aikido, residing in Lyons, France since 1995. He has been a pioneer in sustainable relationship development, has written three books on Verbal Aikido and continues to give seminars train with audiences of all ages around the world… and writes when he finds a moment.

Booking is now open

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