Free Aikido class

We offer a free Aikido class in which you will see how the art works, hear something of its history and philosophy and get a feel of the techniques. You will also learn moves and exercises you can take away and use immediately.

The free classes are on Thursdays 7.30 pm and must be booked in advance. To discuss more details and to book your free session please fill out the form below or phone me on 020 7435 1330.

Hampstead Dojo – London NW3

Bring loose fitting clothes to wear, a track suit or something similar is ideal, and if you have some, a pair of sandals to wear when walking to and from the mat.

I welcome you to Aikido. I am sure you will enjoy your free lesson and very much hope you continue on to practise with us afterwards.

Best wishes

Charles Harris
6th Dan, AKA

    Covid restrictions are in place. Please come ready changed, if possible. Temperatures will be taken. Don’t come if you have any typical Covid-19 symptoms, including fever, sore throat, loss of sense of smell.

    You don’t have to be vaccinated, but you must tell the sensei if you aren’t. Also tell us if you only wish to practise with vaccinated students.