A weekend of Verbal Aikido

April 19- 21 Evening Introductory Verbal Aikido Workshop & Two-day intensive

This Spring you have two chances to experience dealing with verbal attacks, taught by an expert. You can dip your toe in for an evening, or go intensive over the weekend – or you can book both. EARLY BIRD prices available until March 19th – so book now.

Evening workshop – 6.30 pm Friday April 19 2024

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What remarks, criticisms or accusations create tension for you? If you’d like to see Verbal Aikido in action, bring anything you’ve perceived as a verbal attack and you’ll learn how to deal with it skilfully and peacefully, or you may simply be content to watch! Either way, don’t miss out on this chance to experience VA first-hand!

Join us on the evening of April 19th in the heart of London for this entertaining and interactive introduction to the Art of Peace. Immerse yourself in the principles of Verbal Aikido and discover the power of effective communication and de-escalation techniques. This standalone 2-hour workshop is recommended if you’d also like to attend our intensive VA weekend training (see below). Sign up now for only £10 and embark on your journey towards mastering this valuable skill set.

April 20 & 21 – Two-day intensive VA Workshop

Verbal Aikido students

We’re back in London with our highly-practical & interactive training, designed to provide participants with the tools and techniques necessary to effectively de-escalate conflicts and defuse tense situations.

Led by the creator and developer (Luke Archer), this immersive experience will empower you to navigate verbal conflicts with confidence & skill.

Join us for this two-day training on the weekend of April 20th & 21st for practical skill-building with the Art of Peace – learn to redirect negative energy and respond assertively yet tactfully to challenging situations

Secure your spot now and unlock your potential as a highly effective de-escalation expert. Takes place at Hampstead Aikido Dojo. Price £239 – £199 until March 19th.

Places strictly limited for space, so book now.

I truly recommend Verbal Aikido training, to get yourself out of delicate situations without entering into conflict, justifying yourself or taking things to heart.

Delphine Locussol, Teacher

Very concrete and effective, I came back from my first workshop with pragmatic tools to manage direct attacks. It worked quickly and it’s fun!

Romain Fluhr, Welcome officer

A practical and inspiring workshop. A powerful path for the art of communication.

Guilherme Witte, IT Consultant

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