Charles Harris – Chief Instructor

Sensei Charles Harris 6th Dan


Sensei Harris has been practising Aikido since 1984.

He gained his black belt in 1988 under Sensei David Currie of the British Ki Aikido Association (BKAA). Following that, he taught for many years under the BKAA before leaving to set up the Association of Ki Aikido.

In 1989, Sensei Harris took over as chief instructor of the Kilburn Aikido Club at Charteris Sports Centre. He continued teaching there until 2021, when the AKA moved to its new dedicated dojo in Hampstead.

Exploring styles

His style is based on Ki Aikido, as founded by Tohei Sensei. His teacher Sensei Currie studied in Britain and Japan under Tohei and Ken Williams of the Ki Society. But Harris has always been interested in exploring other styles and arts. He is always looking to see how they can enrich and expand practice.

He believes it’s important for Aikido to maintain a solid balance between mind and body. The harmony inherent in the art should also be reflected in a harmony between techniques and principles. The techniques must work in the real world, but should also help develop us as human beings.

He believes Aikido is never static, but always growing and learning, finding better ways of embodying the principles of safety, self-control and mindfulness at its heart.

In his other life, he is a best-selling and award-nominated author and prize-winning film director.

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