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Conquer your fear of conflict

Verbal Aikido Evening Workshop

Friday 14th July 2023

Luke Archer founder of Verbal Aikido

7.30pm Hampstead Dojo

Unleash your inner strength and conquer the fear of conflict with our interactive Verbal Aikido Workshop! Join us for a transformative experience where you’ll learn the art of gracefully navigating confrontation.

Numbers are limited – reserve your place now

Luke Archer, creator of Verbal Aikido, will guide you through interactive exercises, role-playing, and enlightening discussions, empowering you to confidently diffuse tension, build understanding, and master the art of conflict resolution.

Whether you’re a professional seeking a means to manage difficulties in the workplace, or an individual looking to enhance personal relationships, this workshop is your gateway to becoming a fearless, conflict-ready communicator.

Embrace the opportunity to grow, enroll now, and unlock the power within you through Verbal Aikido®!

Luke Archer is an Irish-born specialist in communication and education. He is the founder of Verbal Aikido SASU, a conflict management training organization, and the creator and head-developer of the VA Practice.

Since its creation in 2009 he has written a selection of books about Verbal Aikido and has trained thousands of people around the world to develop their skills in de-escalating conflict in the workplace and in social contexts.

He specialises in working in the educational and socio-medical sectors, recently bringing VA to school children from the age of 5 and up. He continues to hold a weekly VA online dojo and trains future VA practitioners and facilitators through the VA Academy.

You can read about the practice both on the website and in his latest book From Conflict to Conversation.

£25 (concessions available). Luke only comes to the UK every few years and numbers are very limited.

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Piers Cooke masterclass

Saturday 22nd July 2023

10.30am – 4.30pm Hampstead Dojo

Masterclass seminar with Piers Cooke, 7th Dan, Chair of the British Aikido Board.

£15 (£10 concessions). Only 6 places left. Book your place now

Kimberly Richardson seminar

Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th September 2023

Burwell Dojo, Burwell, Cambridgeshire

Weekend seminar with Kimberly Richardson Sensei (7th dan) from the Two Cranes dojo in Seattle.

Autumn gradings

Thursday 28th September 2023

7.30-9pm Hampstead Dojo

ADL AGM and seminar

Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd October 2023


Winter gradings

Thursday 7th December 2023

7.30-9pm Hampstead Dojo