The most dangerous time in an attack

The most dangerous time in an attack - two aikido students work together to learn how to deal with a street attack.


All attacks are potentially dangerous. Even a verbal attack can escalate. A fist-fight can suddenly become a knife fight. And they can de-escalate, if you know what to do.

But not if you weren’t prepared.

Despite what you see on TV, most fights are over in a matter of seconds. And the greatest danger of all isn’t during the fight itself.

So – the most dangerous time?

It’s before you think it’s started.

An experienced attacker won’t warn you in advance. Indeed, he’ll do his best to distract you. He might ask a question, to take you off your guard.

Or point at something to get you to look away.

He may even appear to turn away from you.

Awareness is one of the key skills of the Aikido practitioner.

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